Xinhua Medical Company has received the Medical Device Registration Certificate


Medical Device Registration Certificate of the People's Republic of China" issued by the State Medical Products Administration and Shandong Drug Administration, among which the medical electron linear accelerator has obtained the Class ⅲ medical device registration certificate; The steam formaldehyde sterilizer and multi-cabin pulsing vacuum cleaning sterilizer have obtained Class ⅱ medical device registration certificate.It is reported that XHA2200Mi medical electron linear accelerator with high energy gear, image guidance and dose guidance function was approved to be put on the market, which can meet the clinical demand for multiple energy levels and various guidance methods, provide customers with a variety of choices, and enrich the product line of Xinhua Medical medical electron linear accelerator. The STEAM FORMALDEHYDE sterilizer DEVELOPED by the company is the first equipment in China, and the first to launch the concept of "high and low temperature two-in-one", which fills the gap in the domestic market and has complete independent intellectual property rights. The approval and marketing of the multi-compartment pulsating vacuum cleaning sterilizer provides a new solution for the cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments in all levels of medical institutions, realizes the non-differential cleaning of clinical surgical instruments, and reduces the working intensity of hospital staff in sorting instruments.
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