What is
Based on the Internet Plus and the fourth generation of Industrial Revolution, the efficiency of the international trade communication can be improved and the process of the trade can be simplified. It solves the inefficient issues in offline matching, source searching, quotation communication and so on.
As the efficiency multiplier, the innovative designing tool and the sharing economy model, Internet Plus improves the efficiency of international trade and meets the demands of varied purchasers.
Members can not only post their companies and products information on our website, but also can actively communicate with oversea buyers in real-time all day to find the opportunities and get a mass of trade orders.

Finding Products?
There are three ways to find products on
Search: Enter in the search bar what you are looking for or browse our categories.
Submit an RFQ: Post an RFQ to let suppliers find you, or get one-on-one personal assistance by a professional Purchasing Agent.
Wholesaler: Find products that are available in low minimum-order-quantities (MOQs).

Contacting Suppliers?
1. When selecting a supplier, look out for the badges the identity of suppliers is verified.
2. Once you find a product or supplier that you are interested in, it’s time to contact the supplier as soon as possible.

Ordering & Payments
When sourcing on, you can either place an order online- via or offline -by contacting the supplier by yourself.
We strongly recommend placing orders online. This way, we can help you track your order and provide a refund in case of a dispute.
You can either place an online order using Trade Assurance or Secure Payment services:

Inspecting Your Goods
When you place an order with your supplier, you want to be assured that the goods meet your quality standards before they are shipped.
With's Inspection Service, you can have your order inspected by professional, independent third-party inspection companies listed on

Feedback & Diputes
After you complete your order, you can leave feedback about the order and/or the supplier.
If you meet any problem during the order, you can submit a dispute, and our professional dispute team will help you resolve any issues accordingly.