B2B platform + exhibitions makes foreign trade easier!

Created by Shanghai Dongsin Exhibition Co., LTD., ChinaMed realizes the combination of online B2B platform and offline international medical exhibitions, and enables enterprises to expand their foreign trade and improve their efficiency. What's more, the platform will be multilingual with Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French, Indian and other minority languages so that overseas buyers can use their mother tongue to do the purchase.

Shanghai Dongsin Exhibition Co., LTD. has accumulated rich experiences from 12-year participation of medical fairs. Now,the platform is promoted in three main effective ways: 1.Introducing in global purchasers by offline promotion in 70 medical exhibitions around the world;  2.Sending invitation email and regular push email containing products information to potential users through global professional customs database of buyers; 3.Applying SEO site optimization through Google and providing free advertising for suppliers.

ChinaMed is committed to serving Chinese enterprises to go abroad and expand their global market.