Neusoft Medical Systems Acquires South Korea-based Humanscan……


Neusoft Medical Systems Acquires South Korea-based Humanscan to Further Improve Its Global Industrial Chains

On March 25, 2019, Neusoft Medical Systems signed an investment agreement with South Korea-based Humanscan Co., Ltd. (shortened as “HS” below), officially becoming its controlling shareholder.

Dr. Liu Jiren, Chairman and CEO of Neusoft Corporation and Chairman of Neusoft Medical Systems, signed an investment agreement with Dr. Sung Min Rhim, CEO of HS Co., Ltd.

About Humanscan

Founded in 2000, HS is a leading manufacturer of high-end probes around the world. In 2001, the company released the world’s first commercially available single-crystal cardiac probe. The high performance and high reliability of single crystal probes are widely recognized in the industry. At present, HS cooperates with many global first-class ultrasound manufacturers to provide integrated or customized probes for their high-end products, covering a variety of mainstream types such as convex array, linear array and phased array.

Four Transactions Within Three Years

Show the Steadfast Development of Neusoft Medical Systems

By continuously optimizing the industrial chain through investment and mergers, Neusoft Medical Systems has transformed itself from the early “virtual manufacturing” to today’s construction of competitive advantage of the entire industry chain. In the past two years, Neusoft Medical Systems has successfully invested in the world’s leading manufacturer of core materials on CT detectors, Korean single crystal probe manufacturer, and Bio Imagem, a well-known Brazilian medical device distributor. At the same time, Neusoft Medical Systems also expanded its new business line through investment and acquisitions. For example, it has expanded the in vitro diagnostic market through the successful acquisition of Nanjing-based Whitman Biotech. Behind its every step, Neusoft Medical Systems has revealed its confidence in industrial integration and planned a strategic vision of full industry coverage in the field of large-scale medical equipment.

As a provider of comprehensive diagnostic solutions for clinical diagnostics and treatment based on imaging equipment, Neusoft, through this acquisition, will effectively enhance its R&D and production capabilities in the high-end ultrasound field and thus enhance the overall competitiveness of the ultrasound business. At the same time, with the help of Neusoft Medical Systems’s operational and management capabilities as well as global marketing network, HS can get the help to better serve customers in Chinese and global markets.

“Beyond Imaging”

Arouses Industry’s Attention

In addition to new moves in industrial integration, Neusoft Medical Systems also put forward the brand concept of “Beyond Imaging” in 2019 to give full play to its technological advantages and empower traditional image services. First, it focuses on building NeuAI artificial intelligence platform, continuously achieving innovative results in intelligent workflow, intelligent assisted diagnosis, intelligent imaging, intelligent image enhancement, etc. Second, it vigorously promotes the “image cloud” strategy, improving the service level of primary medical institutions through technical means such as network, intelligence, and specialization; and third, it develops more auxiliary functions and applications for frontline medical staff in terms of equipment’s software and workstations. These measures fully demonstrate the comprehensive strength of Neusoft Medical Systems’s professional solutions for clinical applications, which greatly expands the outside world’s awareness and imagination of the company’s business, thus arousing widespread attention from the industry.

In order to bring higher-level technological innovation and more valuable products and services to customers, Neusoft Medical Systems will continue to expand its industrial layout, promote the integration of industrial resources, and strive to create a new win-win situation for multi-party cooperation.

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