Mindray Showcases Latest IVD Innovations at EuroMedlab 2019


From May 20-22, Mindray displayed its latest laboratory innovations at the 23rd IFCC-EFLM European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, EuroMedlab 2019, in Barcelona, Spain. EuroMedLab is the most influential platform in Europe where new ideas and technologies in laboratory diagnostics are shared and showcased.    

Mindray’s wide range of IVD products attracted customers from Europe and other parts of the world. 

The new SAL 9000 Modular System was an eye-catcher at Mindray booth. With industry-leading throughputs in chemistry and immunoassay testing, innovative sample delivery module, and smart workload balancing plus broad test menu, the SAL 9000 is a desirable solution for core labs. 

The new CAL 6000 New Generation Cellular Analysis Line was another head-turning product at this year’s EuroMedLab. Integrating two units of auto hematology analyzers BC-6000 or two units of BC-6200, and one unit of slide maker & stainer SC-120, the benchtop cellular analysis line delivers high-quality hematology testing and blood smears, with automatic rerun and reflex in case of abnormal samples. The labXpert data analysis software on the CAL 6000 can streamline workflow and provide reliable test results. It can help mid-sized labs worldwide improve their diagnostic quality and reduce workload.

Among Mindray’s broad portfolio on display was the CL-900i Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System. With its industry-leading small footprint, fast throughput of up to 180 tests per hour and zero user maintenance, this benchtop analyzer provides easy and quality immunoassay testing without taking up the valuable laboratory floor space. The CL-900i has won the trust and recognition of customers across the world since its launch last year.  

Mindray's new 3-part Automated Veterinary Hematology Analyzer BC-30Vet, which is yet to be released, made its appearance at EuroMedLab 2019. With desirable features such as small footprint, intuitive operational system and high power efficiency, the BC-30Vet is designed to make high-quality veterinary hematology testing within reach. 

In parallel with the exhibition, Mindray sponsored two educational workshops where renowned European experts shared their ideas and expertise on hematology and immunology topics. 

“Here in our Hematology Department at Catholic University of Rome, we have evaluated the performance of the Mindray BC-6800Plus Auto Hematology Analyzer with pathological hematology samples, ” Prof. Gina Zini, Head of Blood Bank of Policlinico Gemelli Rome, shared with audience at the EuroMedLabeducational workshop. She concluded: “The BC-6800Plus analyzer exploits the advanced SFCube 3D analysis method to measure a number of physico-chemical cell properties: on these basis, the normal cell population of erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelet are enumerated and sub-classified accurately and reproducibly. The new parameters are also applied for the characterization of possible deviations of size and maturity of these cells, such as IPF, IRF and MRV, which have shown excellent outcomes.”  

Mindray has been teaming up with the University of Milan in scientific research in IVD field. Their most recent, ongoing research is about the new generation biomarkers of infection, the result of which so far was presented by Associate Professor at the University of Milan Prof. Emanuela Galliera at the EuroMedLab 2019 educational workshop. The workshop was co-chaired by Full Professor at the University of Milan Prof. Massimiliano M. Corsi and Chief Scientific Officer of Mindray IVD Dr. Jianwen He. 

Mindray is dedicated to bringing better healthcare to all humanity. It is this commitment that inspires Mindray to not only innovate and develop cutting-edge laboratory equipment and solutions, but also engage in professional exhibitions globally, such as EuroMedLab, to share and absorb the latest technologies and ideas in the constantly evolving IVD community. Mindray will continue with its ongoing dedication to global exchanges and to harnessing technological advancements to make high-quality healthcare more accessible. 
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