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The International Medical, Hospital and Pharmaceutical Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City is a typical and comprehensive event in the health sector held annually under the support and sponsorship of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam. Vinexad in cooperation with related medical and pharmaceutical associations organize in two major cities: Ho Chi Minh City (August) and Hanoi Capital City (December) under international name “VIETNAM MEDI-PHARM EXPO”.

Vietnam Medi-Pharm Expo which is taking place in the 20th year, from 
03 ~ 05 August 2023 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) - 799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City will have the largest scale so far with over 450 exhibitors from 35 countries and territories.


- Give your expertise and innovation in a real platform for exchange.
- Develop a distribution network for your products and technology with local operators.
- Participate in a scientific program of animated lectures by industry experts.
- Get knowledges of current policies/ regulations in importing/ exporting products to Vietnam by attending seminar hosted by Ministry of Health of Vietnam. 
- Boost your brand, develop your reputation and strengthen your market presence.
- Generate new orders/ contracts and contacts.
- Meet key decision makers in healthcare industry from worldwide visitors.

Vietnam’s scarcity of low-cost generic drugs, on top of its inability to meet local demands for production and innovation, have allowed foreign companies to dominate Vietnam’s medical device and pharmaceutical markets. Additionally, increasing health care coverage and government initiatives to improve the healthcare network have positively driven Vietnam’s medical industry. Pacific Bridge Medical can assist Western medical device and pharmaceutical companies in choosing the most efficient business and regulatory strategies for their medical products in Vietnam.

Vietnam Medical Device Market Size:$780 million 
Projected Growth Rate: 8%
Vietnam Pharmaceutical Market Size:$6.6 billion 
Projected Growth Rate: 13.8%
Vietnam Economic Statistics and DemographicsGDP (PPP): $770 billion 
Per Capita GDP (PPP): $7,447
Real GDP Growth Rate: 6.8% 
Population (millions): 96
Ethnic Diversity: 85.7% Vietnamese, 1% Chinese (Hoa), 13.3% other (over 50 ethnic groups)


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