Exhibition introduction

The 31th International Medical Exhibition PUBLIC HEALTH will be held in Kiev from 5 to 7 October 2022.
Venue - International Exhibition Center, Kiev, Brovarsky Ave, 15. (metro Livoberezhna).
The organizers of the exhibition are the companies Premier Expo (Ukraine), ITE Group Plc. (United Kingdom).

The exhibition PUBLIC HEALTH is the first international event in Ukraine and the fourth in Europe and it  is a full member of the UFI (World Association of the Exhibition Industry).
Every year PUBLIC HEALTH attracts more than 300 leading manufacturers and distributors of equipment, services, medicines, medical products from Ukraine and other countries. More than two decades the exhibition helps to expand the market and strengthen partnerships with companies from Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, China, India, Singapore, UK, Netherlands, USA, Belarus, Poland, Turkey, Austria, Moldova and Ukraine.

The exhibition PUBLIC HEALTH stands for:

  • Leading companies in Ukraine's medical industry
  • Foreign exhibitors wishing to enter the Ukrainian market
  • Leading global brands
  • The professional composition of visitors, corresponding to the requests of exhibitors
  • Effective business negotiations
  • Meeting place for manufacturers and bulk buyers
  • Direct communication with customers and partners
  • Successful entry into the medical market
  • Expansion of dealer and distribution network (for domestic and foreign manufacturers)
  • ProfMeeting program for exhibitors
  • Quality exhibition service

Sectors of the exhibition:

  • Medical equipment, equipment for treatment and diagnostics
  • Laboratory medicine
  • Consumables, suture materials, medical clothing, care products and hygiene products
  • Medical furniture
  • Modern Information Technologies in Medicine
  • Medical research, educational institutions. Specialized literature, electronic versions of medical publications
  • Innovative Medical Technologies
  • Services of designing, complex equipment of hospitals, medical offices, medical institutions, sanatoriums
  • Equipment for cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing and storing sterile products
  • Specialized literature, electronic versions of medical publications
  • The target audience of the exhibition (visitors):
  • Heads of medical institutions
  • Head Physicians
  • Regional dealers and distributors
  • Heads of purchasing departments of pharmacy chains and medical stores
  • Public servants who deal with health issues in various ministries and departments
  • Practitioners of different specialties
  • Heads of laboratories, laboratory assistants
  • Nurses, paramedics
  • Pharmacists, pharmacists, technologists of pharmaceutical enterprises
84% of visitors of the exhibition are decision makers, top management of clinics and doctors from all regions of Ukraine, representing both private and public medicine.

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Shanghai Dongsin Expo Group

Address:Room 706, Building 1, route 1505, Lianhang Road , Shanghai,China
Contact person:Dingding
Tel:0086 21-55139199
Fax:0086 21-51686946

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